R•A•G•E The Emotion (Release Anxiety to Gain Excellence) symbolizes self- expression and individuality with no limitations. This intense feeling of desire lies internally in the hearts of all mankind. R.A.G.E. liberates all inhibitions. It is the builder of dreams and the destroyer of doubts. To support R.A.G.E. is to embrace a philosophy that excellence is an extension of the emotional human spirit.

R•A•G•E Incorporated is a social energy movement that blends music, sports, fashion and culture through educational platforms with a unique & edgy style that transcends age, race and income. We are focused to become a change leader, while setting new standards of service and redefining the importance of value in the music, sports, fashion, entertainment and educational industries.



Release Anxiety To Gain Excellence


Release Anxiety To Gain Excellence


Since 2008, RRAGE Foundation, Inc. (Release Anxiety To Gain Excellence) has been a valuable resource for youth and their influencers delivering life-enhancing “Edutainment” enrichment curriculums. RAGE, Inc. Programs have garnered partnerships with the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Character Counts Nationally, Minority Health Coalition, Chicago Public Schools, Anderson School Corporation, Marion County Juvenile Detention Center and currently Little Black Pearl Arts and Design Center in the Chicago Burnham Community.


We ask that you join our efforts in RAGE's mission to help empower and enhance the quality of life for all members. Our pupose is to educate, equip, guide and assist youth and adults to change their pessimistic outlook to a more optimistic view. Building personal integrity, self-empowerment and encouraging the pursuit of knowledge allow individuals to discover his/her full potential. We ask that you support our efforts to help instill character in youth, young adults, and adults through music, sports, fashion, programs and events, etc.









The Builder of Dreams and The Destroyer of Doubts


Release Anxiety to gain excellence


RAGE, Inc. is company with a philosophy committed to the acceptance of expression, individualism, and cultural diversity. RAGE is more than a company that offers products and services in fashion, music, arts, sports, and community outreach. It is truly focused on understanding consumers at different life stages and lifestyles through unlocking their passion for expression. Providing creative styles that is the catalyst for our vision and being proactive in a self-sufficient while providing fashionable high performance, quality apparel to our trendsetting brand conscious consumers.

RAGE continues to establish itself as a leader, while setting new standards of products and services, which define the importance of value in the entertainment, fashion, sports, and industries along with enhancing communities' insight to the new definition of RAGE. As consumers, we realized that within the world of popular brands, products and services corporations were not incorporating these elements into their company’s vision. Therefore broadened the scope of creativity to create a universal brand statement that embraces the philosophy that excellence is an extension of the emotional human spirit. You can shop here.

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The builder of dreams and the destroyer of doubts


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